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Warden Patrol Service

Our Warden Patrol Service will provide you with free of charge* uniformed wardens who will patrol your car parking area as and when you need them to.

Tact and diplomacy are two very important skills that are required in what can sometimes be a contentious business and all our wardens are meticulously trained to defuse situations and just as importantly to recognise special needs and circumstances.

We provide signage and permits and our wardens have the very latest hand held Iview application with which they are able to take time stamped pictures and issue real time tickets.


• Specifically trained in conflict management
• Receive on-going training from our National Trainers
• Professionally attired with branded uniforms
• Equipped with a hand held Iview device application to issue Parking Charges with supporting photographic evidence


• Regular patrols of your car parking area
• Necessary signage outlining regulations of your car park
• Permits created to manage your specific staff, customer or contractor needs